About us

Travel agency "Asteria" renders in the market of St.-Petersburg tourist services in entrance and exit tourism.

Entrance tourism:

- Visa support for reception of the Russian entry visa
- Hotel booking in St.-Petersburg and other cities of Russia
- Avia and railway tickets to Russia and across Russia
- Catering services and restaurant service
- Excursion service, including author's excursions in St.-Petersburg
- Qualified guides - translators
- Tickets to the palaces, museums, expo centers, concert halls, theaters etc.
- Transport services
- Dive daily and dive safari in Russia

Welcome to Russia and Saint-Petersburg!

Exit tourism:

- Exotic tours
- Mountain-skiing tours
- Sea and river cruises
- Medical tours
- Gastronomic tours
- Excursion tours
- Dive tours
- Tours to festivals and carnivals
- Extreme tours and expeditions
- Individual tours
- Yacht tours
- Rent of the cottages, apartments and villas worldwide
- Corporate tours
- Team-building tours
- Conference and business tours


- Individual guides-translators
- Rent of the cars worldwide
- Avia and railway tickets
- Travel crediting
- Travel sim cards
- Visa support
- Travel insurance

With invariable love to travelling, collective of travel agency "Asteria".

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Режим работы:
пн-пт - с 11 до 20, сб-вс - выходной

Адрес: Санкт-Петербург, пр. Энгельса, д. 136, к. 1

Тел.: +7 (812) 240-31-50

E-mail: mail@asteria-travel.ru

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